Suzanne Hansen, She Wanders

I have worked with Alyssa several times over the last few years. She has been professional and inspiring. Alyssa gives great direction and has a positive approach to everything she does and really inspires the team to do their best work. I'm always thrilled to work with Alyssa because I know that the end result will be great and the work environment will be friendly and conducive to getting the job done right. She's a pro. Suzanne Hansen, She Wanders


Kristi Brooks, KB Style 

Alyssa is an absolute delight to work with. I have been on countless photo shoots, and none are more organized than those produced by Alyssa. Not only does she take care of every last detail, but she creates a relaxed environment that makes everyone around her want to work their hardest and do their best. Anytime I do a shoot with Alyssa, I know the work will be beautiful and I'll have a ball doing it!


Laurie Miller

Alyssa constantly excelled in her role and exceeded expectations on a daily basis. She is very ambitious. She developed Exquisite Weddings Magazine from the ground up, and she has never failed to miss a deadline in over a decade with San Diego Magazine. In Alyssa's roll at the company, she is responsible for design and layout of both magazines and has undertaken several redesigns over the years. Her ability to coordinate multiple resources in production of photo shoots is a skill that she has perfected over the years. She takes her responsibilities seriously, but is quick with a smile to break up tension when necessary. Her personality and skills makes her a valuable asset to any organization.


Bethany Odell

Alyssa is one of the most professional and talented people I know. She is a strong creative director with incredible vision and she is used to managing several projects on tight deadlines. She has a great understanding of what it takes to successfully manage multiple photo shoots, design deadlines, and creative expectations and she still pays attention to every detail. She has passion for her work and she brings such a confident and knowledgeable attitude to any environment. I consider myself extremely lucky to have worked with her.




Lisa Jackson

I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa for 6 years at San Diego Magazine. She's wildly talented, hard working, and passionate about what she does. Not only is Alyssa creative but she is terrific at taking an idea and not only realizing it but taking it to a whole new level.


John Francis

Alyssa is one of the most talented design and creative visionaries I have worked with. More than any other designer, she knows how to develop and maintain brand/design consistency (see Exquisite Weddings magazine). She is proactive about seeking inspiration for design and keeps in touch with industry developments. Aside from design, Alyssa is also business savvy. She understands how organizations works and can contribute improvements above and beyond design. Last but not least, she is very loyal, passionate and extremely dependable as a colleague and friend.


Brook Larios

Alyssa runs a tight ship! The woman is organized, focused and gets it done before it's even cooking. I've had the pleasure of working with her both as a publicist (20-page photoshoot circa 2008) and a writer and, in both cases, she's impressed me.


Megan Smith

Alyssa's creativity and ability to meet deadlines made working with her a pleasure. She constantly came up with new elements to make event signage more engaging, thereby elevating the entire function.


Erin Winter

Alyssa was wonderful to work with. She was extremely organized, efficient and personable. Her talent and reliability was evident from our first meeting. She knows the results she wants and achieves them. I would highly recommend Alyssa and look forward to working with her in the future.