Logos, Logos, Logos

Because I am a freelancer, I am always working on different projects for different clients which all have different needs. Recently it has been all about logos. Some for new businesses, some redesigns, some for events and more.

My process for designing a logo is I work on 3-5 completely different ideas (sketching but on my computer). I try to use different fonts and styles. Then I share and talk to my client to see what works for them and what doesn’t. After this I revise 1-2 of the logos with feedback I received. Once again I share those with my client and find out if additional revision need to be made. By this time I am usually close to a final and work on making one perfect.

Below is a sample of the process…







The Final


And the process is finished!

Here are some others that I have finished too…


Under the Sea Invitations

For the past few years I have had the pleasure of designing invitations for St. Paul's Senior Services annual gala, this years theme is Oceans of LUV. To start for my clients I do 2-4 first drafts with a different design each for the theme. I try to use completely different fonts, colors, styles. This gives my clients the option to say, either they love one as is or they like, colors from one, fonts from another. I love every one of these and will be happy with what ever they decide to go with. Check back later for the final.

Fun Cover Designs

Every month I get the chance to work on a lot of fun projects. I am always designing different things for different clients, I love every moment. This month I had the chance to work on these publications which where both totally different and creative yet for the same client. The calendar is one of my favorites.


Valentine's Day

Because I am a working mom, I sometimes feel like I don't have time to bake cookies, fix home cooked meals, keep the house clean...I could go on. On Valentine's Day I try to use my skills and make my daughter an extra special Valentine's to share at school. Here is what I designed for this year...and my daughter did love it. She is my most important client.

My First Blog

Hi, I'm Alyssa McNees. 

I have been a designer for over 15 years, I love everything about it. This is my first design blog. I hope to share things I am working on, things I like and that inspire me. 

Over the past 2 years of working at my kitchen table and learning how to have my own business. I have had many different clients some ongoing and some for one time projects plus everything from banners to brochures, logos to complete magazine layouts.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a friends website, Adorations Botanical Artistry  which will be launching soon! I wanted to share it because it really inspired me to start this blog. Adorations' style is very clean modern and elegant which is what I do best. The whole project was right up my alley. 

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Check out the finished website here...www.adorations.com